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At Renton Paving, we provide excellent quality driveway paving resurfacing services throughout Renton, WA. Regardless if you own a commercial or residential property, your driveway is the first impression for guests. Don’t let your driveway fall into serious disrepair! Now, all you have to do is choose a licensed, bonded, and insured paving company in Renton, to maintain your driveway to the highest conditions. When you’re ready to repair your driveway, simply reach out to Renton Paving, we will provide you with a fairly priced resurfacing estimate.  

Resurfacing Your Driveway in Renton, WA  

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Driveway resurfacing is one of the best ways to maintain your driveway without paying ridiculous fees for repaving your driveway. In most cases, repaving your asphalt driveway will cost up to 10 times more than what you would be quoted for resurfacing your driveway. Why such a big cost increase? Asphalt resurfacing is a simple process that involves removing just that top layer of asphalt and then adding a new, secure top layer on top. This removes potholes and bumps in your driveway without requiring you to repave your driveway from top to bottom. If you want to reduce the costs of enjoying an attractive driveway, simply reach out to our team of driveway resurfacing experts. Here are a few signs your driveway needs to be resurfaced.  

Excess Water  

Standing water on the top layer of your asphalt indicates that your driveway could need resurfacing. The trouble with standing water is that it can seep into the lower layers of asphalt. This causes buckling and cracking. However, if you spot excess water soon enough, resurfacing can solve the problem.  

Pothole Repairs  

Another aspect of driveway resurfacing is pothole repairs. Our resurfacing allows you to remove potholes and cracks found in the top layer of your asphalt. It smooths the surface giving it an attractive finish.  Extensive Cracks  

Resurfacing your driveway will also do away with cracks in your asphalt system. We analyze the severity of the cracks in your asphalt to see if you need a new layer of asphalt or if minor repairs can suffice. We can help either way.  

Looking to improve your driveway by leaps and bounds? If so, our driveway resurfacing experts at Renton Paving can help. Our team uses the latest techniques to guarantee your asphalt looks prime no matter what. Let us inspect your driveway to provide a free paving estimate. Contact us today to get a free estimate.  

Professional Residential & Commercial Resurfacing  

Our team of top rated, licensed, bonded, and insured paving contractors near me in Renton, WA specialize in both residential and commercial resurfacing. Whether you need your entrance resurfaced for your business or the driveway in your front yard resurfaced, we are happy to help.  

Free Resurfacing Estimates  

Driveway Paving Renton WA

If you want to know if our resurfacing and asphalt repairs are right for your property, reach out to the Renton Paving team to get your free estimate today.  

When you’re ready to learn more about our driveway resurfacing services, simply give us a call or use the contact form. We are happy to provide a free estimate for any sized driveway resurfacing project in Renton, WA.